» Bodypainted Art ?

Bodypainted Art ?

Bodypainted Art ?
  • Quality Before Quantity.

BodyArtist since 1994
After 20 years, I want to thank all my Clients, Models, Photographers
and lot of other people that have work with me all those years.
I have see a lot of beautiful things, places all over the world, thanks to this Body-art
and hope when everything go fine 😉 Still to carry on the next 10 year.
Grtz. Frans B.

Wij bieden Bodypaint,  Attracties voor Je eigen zaak, opendeurdag, demonstraties enz..
Allerlei Evenementen – Disco,s – Festivals, Special Effect’s voor Fotografie, Film, video, en Televisie producties.
Body paint creaties voor Publiciteit, en reclame, Magazines, Clubs, Industrie en tal van andere toepassingen.

Feel free to contact us. For all your exclusive idea,s.
Product Launch – Brand Activation – Creative Events – Advertising, Publicity –
Artistic Entertainment – Attractions & Bodypaint Creations – Special effects Make-up.
Photagraphy, Illustrations, Webdesign, and lots more

I salute you I salute you